No we don’t recommend texting while driving. But it’s inevitable that you’ll have your phone with you in the car and it’s a given that someone will text you or that you’ll need to send a message.

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Nissan has a solution that could keep you safe. The 2015 Nissan Versa Note SR will offer a Hands-Free Text Messaging Assistant. It comes with NissanConnect — the car company’s wireless communication system built into the vehicle — which is free for three years and then costs about $20 per year.

John Brandon over at Tech Hive tested the feature and published the results here. Essentially, sending and receiving text messages are done via voice commands.

Despite some wonky settings and programming to set up custom text message replies, Brandon says the service is easy enough and it took him less than a week to become a “skilled, non-distracted texter.”

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And although it’s really tempting to look at the display, no messages show up there if the driver is going over 5 mph.

With a sticker price of an affordable $13,990, this car and its messaging capabilities could certainly appeal to the young and text-centric.

via Tech Hive

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