News of the death of Steve Jobs traveled even to the International Space Station, where NASA astronaut Mike Fossum and two crewmates are living. LIke many of us on Earth, they store their music on their iPods.

ANALYSIS: Steve Jobs: Dents in the Universe

In an interview with CBS News this morning, Fossum had this to say about Jobs:  "In every generation there are great thinkers and people that have the vision of what can be and then have the energy, the skill and the genius to make it happen. Steve Jobs is definitely one of those rare individuals, and the world's gonna miss him a lot."

(Amongst all the machines and equipment aboard the space station is one device that's familiar — Apple's iPod, seen here to the right of astronaut Thomas Reiter's head. The picture was taken Nov. 29, 2006. Credit: NASA and thanks to for the sharp eye!)