iDapt i1 Eco universal charger: $24.99

Tree huggers love the iDapt i1 Eco universal charger, because it kills a vampire — of course, not in the literal sense. By automatically shutting completely off when it’s done charging devices, it ends vampire power, also known as standby power, vampire draw and phantom load. The fact that this award-winning little charger doesn’t continuously suck electricity helps in two ways: First, you’re not paying for juice you’re not using; and second, you’re not shortening the lifecycle of your devices’ batteries.

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The i1 Eco can charge two devices at once, one via regular USB and another with one of iDapt’s interchangeable tips. It comes with Mini-USB, Micro-USB and iPhone/iPod tips included, so you can charge a multitude of devices right off the bat. And given that it comes with car and wall adapters and can accept any input between 85 and 240 volts, the i1 Eco can charge your gizmos pretty much anywhere in the world.

Credit: iDapt