Latte Ice Smart 5" Smart Media Player: $249.99

Latte’s new Smart Media Player, the Latte Ice Smart is a smart phone without the phone and a tablet without the size. At 5 inches, the ICE Smart is smaller than most tablets but big enough to satisfy gamers, videophiles and bookworms. It’s powered by Android 2.3 Gingerbread and has a fast 800Mhz CPU with a built-in 3D accelerator. It also houses 1080p HD Video support, Wi-Fi technology and a dual-touch screen. It has internal storage of 8GB and an external card slot up to 32GB, which leaves plenty of space available for books, games and whatever TV show you need to catch up on.

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Ice Smart can be connected to other USB devices with its “On-The-Go” feature. This function allows users to directly connect to devices like digital cameras and transfer files without a PC, it also allows it to connect to a wireless keyboard and mouse. When connected to a keyboard and mouse, Android TV and TV mirroring can be used on the device by connecting it to a TV with an HDMI cable. This device can do pretty much anything…except make phone calls.