Photo: Jeffrey Rilles via Traveling Morion

American car manufacturers are undoubtedly going greener these days with the high costs of gasoline. However, in the Philippines, one company in Cebu is taking that green idea in another direction, with a concept car that addresses exterior manufacturing with locally-sourced recycled and natural materials — rattan stripes, sea shells, and coconut flower stalks. Not only that, but the car is a beauty; it’s modeled after a 1959 Porsche 356 after all. I say, if you’re going to build a car out of coconuts, you might as well do it with some style!

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According to Inhabitat, the Una Ceba Car was designed by award-winning furniture designer Clayton Tugonon, president of furniture design firm Classical Geometry and a member of Filipino design group, Movement-8. One of Tugonon’s goals in this project was to demonstrate to his fellow Filipino designers that using local materials could be formidable and chic, rather than ordering timber from Myanmar or veneer from Italy.

Photo: Joseph Basto

It took nine months to complete the car, but the end result was worth it; it has impressed thousands when it was debuted at the Fame Exhibit in Manila, and put on display at the Northwing SM City shopping mall in its hometown of Cebu.

And you thought the Professor on Gilligan’s Island was crafty with coconuts.