Freddy Nock balances on a cable on top of Germany’s highest mountain, Zugspitze. Credit: Corbis

Last week, Swiss stuntman Freddy Nock spent 80 minutes walking more than half a mile up a two-inch wide cable car wire to the 9,678-foot summit of Zugspitze, Germany’s highest peak. And although the 46-year old daredevil made it look easy – and even stopped to flash a peace sign and stand on one foot along the way – Nock told reporters that he didn’t ever want to do that walk again without a balancing pole.

“It was exhausting,” he told reporters (see video below). “My feet are still shaking.”

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Adding to his long list of accomplishments and world records, Nock is submitting the feat to the Guinness Book as the longest and highest wire walk above sea level without a balancing pole, according to an article in The Telegraph. The stunt involved 1,100 feet of elevation gain.

But that wasn’t enough for Nock. His Bavarian ultra-high high wire act was just the first in a series of seven record-setting feats that he planned to complete in seven days around Germany, Austria and Switzerland to raise money for UNESCO’s education for children fund.

Over the course of the week, Nock successfully completed five of the seven accomplishments, including the longest and highest wire running down a valley in Switzerland. Over the course of a mile, he dropped nearly 2,000 vertical feet. One of his walks stretched for 2.2 miles.

After postponing for a day an attempt to walk for more than two miles on a wire high above a Swiss lake, however, he had to give up at about 1.2 miles because of wind gusts, though he still managed to walk on a rope above water longer than anyone ever had.

Winds also prevented Nock from biking nearly 500 feet across a wire between two cranes, more than 150 feet above the ground.

Born to a circus family, Nock took his first steps onto a wire at age four, according to his website. He started walking on high wires when he was 11.

You can find more photos of Nock’s daredevil ways on Flickr and Facebook.