EDGE.sound: $130 and up

Judging the sound of a speaker by watching a video on a computer is a little like judging the picture quality of one TV by watching a commercial for it on another. First-hand experience is obviously more desirable. But we were impressed with what we heard in a video comparing the potentially upcoming EDGE.sound side-by-side with the perennial small wireless speaker benchmark, Jawbone’s Jambox.

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To us, this just slightly larger portable speaker sounded more clear, full and open than the Jambox (which we’ve heard in person and know we like its sound very much). It may not have a companion app adding functionality or (in white, gray or black) be as colorful, but the fact that it’s two-thirds the Jambox’s price makes EDGE.sound seem like a good possible alternative. It’s only got a few days left to get the final 70 percent of its funding, so we wish it luck and hope to hear it in person in the future.