A San Antonio fisherman got the surprise of his fishing life when a giant tiger shark grabbed hold of his line.

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Ryan Springs was fishing in the early evening hours of August 2 in the Gulf of Mexico, a few miles out from Port Aransas, Texas, when the battle began.

"It was like playing tug-of-war with a giant," Springs told KSAT, of his drawn-out fight to reel in the shark.

Springs knew that whatever was on the end of his line was certainly a big fish, but he only discovered it was a tiger shark after the enormous creature surfaced five hours into the duel.

In total, it took Springs seven hours to secure the shark alongside his boat and bring it back to shore.

The shark Springs reeled in was 12 feet 7 inches long, weighing in at 809 pounds.

Springs donated the shark meat to a local shelter for the homeless and also handed some of it out to his family and friends.