All Photos: Cross Egypt Challenge

In October, a group of eight Egyptians will embark on a journey of more than 1,000 miles across their country. They’ll travel for nine straight days through cities and deserts, cross the Suez Canal, and head back across the Red Sea, then head to Egypt’s southern border. And they’ll do it all not in cars or on horseback, but on scooters.

The Cross Egypt Challenge is designed to promote tourism in Egypt in the wake of the revolution that also damaged the country’s cultural treasures. But competitive or not, the journey will require feats of endurance. The riders’ route covers all of the major Egyptian tourist spots: Alexandria, the great pyramids at Giza, the Nile River and Suez Canal, and the magnificent temple of Karnak in the ancient city of Luxor.

And you’re invited to join the ride- the team has several spots available (along with provided scooters) and is accepting applications for both Egyptians and non-Egyptians. But if you want in, sign up quickly- registration closes Friday, September 9. Interested, but don’t have the guts for the full 1,000 miles? There’s still room for you, on two legs of the ride: from Alexandria to Cairo and Cairo to Suez- about 217 miles.

Of course, if Colin Furze got involved, a scooter race would get a heck of a lot more exciting. But even without souped up mobility scooters, these eight Egyptians have their work cut out for them.

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