The ace team at Discovery Lists teamed up with Discovery News ahead of Thursday’s big “water on Mars” discovery announcement to produce this brilliant video.

After some research, six key moments were identified since NASA’s 2008 Mars Phoenix Lander mission that suggests significant quantities of water once flowed across the Martian surface and that some of that water persists to this day.

Now, with the analysis of NASA’s Curiosity’s first scoop of Martian regolith, we know that two percent (by weight) of the dirt is water. This is potentially great news for future Mars colonists — a cubic foot of Mars soil could yield two liters of Mars water… but before making a cup of Martian tea, I hope an ultra-efficient perchlorate-filtering system is in place. It could also be huge piece of the Mars habitability puzzle snapping into place.

Enjoy the Discovery Lists video above and be sure to check out more of their work at

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