In the future, we will all zip around on clean, electric motorcycles. These wondrous vehicles might not even need wheels: Instead they could hover along friction-free. At the very least, they will allow us to leave the road and zoom through the sky, ala Battlestar Galactica 1980. At least, this is the dream.

In fact, the reality of motorcycle technology is in many ways cooler—and in every way more tangible. Here are six futuristic motorcycles on the road today:

1. Lit Motors C-1 Gyroscope Bike

The C-1 electric motorcycle is beautiful but what makes it amazing sits behind the smooth shell. A series of gyroscopes stabilize the recumbent-position bike, making it virtually uncrashable. In the incredible demo video, the creators demonstrate how the C-1 will stay upright even when sitting still at a stop light or hit in the side by another vehicle.

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2. Steampunk-Inspired Cafe Racer

When talking about the future, it’s important to ask “whose future?” In this case, it’s a future in which steam power has regained—or perhaps never lost—prominence. This incredible custom cafe racer combines a future and retro look for a ride that is timeless.

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3. The Toilet Bike

When compared to cars and trucks, motorcycles are fairly fuel efficient. Still, there will come a time where gassing up your bike will be expensive or impossible. Electric motorcycles are one solution to this problem, but this human waste-powered motorcycle is an even more inventive solution.

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4. The DIY Electric Motorcycle

Speaking of electric motorcycles, the time has come to get more of them on the road. When manufacturers are not quick enough to bring them to market it leaves only one solution: Build our own. And, it is easy to imagine a future in which DIY electric conversions dominate the roads—at least in certain parts of the world.


5. Foldable, Electric, E-Cycle

As densities in cities increase, motorcycles will make more and more sense. But even then, a fully-powered motorcycle will be overkill for most people. Instead, solutions like this light, compact, electric cycle will fill the need. The fact that it can be carried up stairs or an elevator and stored in an apartment make it all the better.

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6. The Tron Light Cycle

When it comes to motorcycles of the future, there is nothing as amazing or inspiring as the light cycle from Tron. And, believe it or not, we have a real, operational, street-legal, light cycle on the roads right now. Will there ever be a time in which gangs cruise neighborhoods on a fleet of light cycles? Well, that’s a question we’ll just have to wait to answer.