Sometimes you just don’t have time to get out of the city all day. Fortunately, there are urban activities to be had in the city that can fulfill your thirst for adventure.

If you’ve seen videos of those who practice parkour — known as traceurs — you know that running up, between, and over walls, roofs, dumpsters, and pretty much anything in the urban landscape is a completely new way to see the city. Not only that, but it’ll keep you in shape as you’re flexing your muscles with every flip, jump, and climb.

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At BridgeClimb in Sydney, Australia, tourists are invited to strap in and ascend the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge for the thrill and novelty of doing such a thing — plus the view is spectacular from up there. Meanwhile at EdgeWalk in Toronto, Canada, tourists are invited to go even higher atop the CN Tower, for a full circle hands-free walk — the perfect opportunity to utter the words “Look ma, no hands!”

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Ever see pairs of people running around the city, wearing silly costumes, looking for clues and solving puzzles? That’s the Great Urban Race, an organized competition in many U.S. cities, including Houston, Atlanta, Washington D.C., Portland, Chicago, Denver, and Seattle. Not that’s it’s completely competitive; running around the city in costume is rewarding enough for some.

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The flying trapeze isn’t just for the circus anymore. In New York, Washington D.C., Boston, Los Angeles, and Chicago, citizens can opt to learn the ropes themselves at Trapeze School, under the supervision of seasoned acrobats

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There’s a whole subculture out there of urban spelunkers, who explore abandoned buildings, sewers, and transit tunnels — all of which are rich with history, and above all, mystery. Granted this may or may not involve trespassing, but for veteran urban spelunkers, that’s all a part of the thrill.