We're so close to Halloween we can almost taste the candy.

But key to celebrating this holiday is throwing a bash for all your costumed friends on a sugar high. Just don't forget about the fog machine. If you're thinking about foregoing the spooky fog because it's too expensive, think again.

A YouTube video by Household Hacker shows how to create a makeshift fog machine for five bucks. Well, that's an approximation. You probably have most of these materials lying around.

Here's what you need:

-Food-grade glycerin

-Distilled water



-Foil cup

-Masking tape

-Plastic bottle

Step One: Mix together one part glycerin and three parts water. (Glycerin can easily be picked up at a pharmacy.)

Step Two: Place a foil cup, normally used for baking, above a lit candle.

Step Three: Cut an empty soda bottle in half. Place the top half on the foil cup. Use the masking tape to cover up the gap between the foil cup and the bottle.

Step Four: Pour some of the glycerin mixture into the bottle. Start with a small amount and pour more to find the right fog thickness.

Happy Halloween!