If you could get a list of everything your parents ever forbade you from thinking about trying, it probably wouldn’t include anything on Colin Furze’s resume. That’s because the stuntman, filmmaker, and one-time plumber has a unique gift for engineering stunts that most people would never dream of. And he’s not big on helmets. Furze’s customized (obviously) flamethrowing scooter is my personal favorite, and, surprisingly, the only thing he’s been arrested for. But here are five of his feats that, while legal, might be even more outrageous.

1. The 71 MPH Mobility Scooter

Furze says this idea came from complaints he heard about how slow mobility scooters were, and how their users were often in the way. He decided to turn that on its head by replacing a scooter’s electric engine with a 125cc engine from a motorbike. His goal was to set a Guinness World Record of at least 100kph (61.4mph), but wasn’t allowed to change anything about the scooter other than the engine.

It turns out that breaking the 60mph mark was a piece of cake- Furze has hit 71.59mph on the souped up ride. And for a victory lap, he decided to race an unexpected competitor. So he lined up on his scooter against a DR400 single engine aircraft, and the two vehicles raced down the tarmac. Furze took an early lead and held it for a good while, although the plane did overtake him.

2. Riding the Wall of Death

This is one of the only times you’ll see Furze don a helmet, and he takes it off as soon as he’s off the ladder that takes him to the foot of the Wall of Death. Then he gets on his bike. He’s riding a slightly customized Honda Sky scooter, which seems to be a personal favorite; it was two and a half Skys that made the 72′ long motorbike (below).

Within a few seconds Furze is riding at 25mph around the circular wall, totally parallel to the ground several yards below. The stunt is reminiscent of Homer’s Springfield-saving ride in “The Simpsons Movie,” but without the animated aspect that keeps any real people from getting hurt. On his YouTube channel, Furze makes it seem so easy: “It’s just getting over the dizzyness and don’t forget your safety tie.”

3. Extreme Sledding

The average person’s version of sledding includes a plastic sled, mittens and a moderately steep hill. Furze’s version, unsurprisingly, involves a canoe, some rope, and a Toyota Hilux truck. The rest isn’t too hard to guess.

As you’ve probably realized by now, Furze is something as a speed freak. And if you aren’t sure, listen to him from the canoe for the truck to keep accelerating until it hits 40mph. The new “sport” resembles a riskier version of water skiing, where you crash into ice and bushes instead of waves.

4. The 72 Foot Long Motorbike That Seats 25

So this bike is actually built from two and a half chopped up mopeds, built into one superbike, in his mother’s backyard. What’s amazing here is that its top speed is probably a lot higher than you would think- 35mph. That’s without the 24 extra riders, but still impressive.

This stunt may earn Furze another Guinness World Record, depending on verification. He said, “This motorbike was so heavy and difficult to drive I think it would be impossible to make a longer bike. I think this record will stand for a very long time.” I have to agree on this one.

5. The World’s Biggest Bonfire

It’s only appropriate to end this post with an explosion of some kind. For once moving away from rebuilt bikes and high speeds, Furze earned his second confirmed Guinness World Record for building the world’s largest bonfire in 2006.

There was only one appropriate way to light it: with a rocket, lit by a blowtorch. The video starts off in green night vision, but once the fire is lit, it’s no longer necessary. The plaque from Guinness is to the point:

The largest bonfire had an overall volume of 1401.6m3 (49,497ft³). The bonfire was built by Colin Furze (UK) in Thistleton, Leicestershire, UK, and lit on 14 October 2006.

Just because there are only six stunts listed here, don’t assume that it’s all Furze has done: He has plenty more to make your mother cringe on his YouTube channel. By my guess, though, it’s only a matter of time before someone gives him his own television show, where he can show off even more of his exploits, which he calls ”a cross between top gear scrapheap challenge jackass and my brain.”

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