Who here wants a super-realistic action figure of yourself, standing there on your desk with arms akimbo and a renegade sneer?


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On the very good chance you raised your hand, you might want to start pricing airfare to Japan. Why? Because in just over a week, a pop-up shop will open in Tokyo's Harajuku neighborhood that will feature a 3D-printing photo booth capable of printing out a miniature figurine of your likeness.

As part of an exhibition at the Eye of Gyre in Harajuku, Omote 3D Shashin Kanand will open on November 24. There, you can buy an impressively detailed doll of yourself, as long as you can handle standing still for 15 minutes while a technician scans your body.

You can choose from three sizes of figurines: 10 cm ($264), 15 cm ($402) and 20 cm ($528). Yes, they cost a lot, but it's a small price to pay for such exquisite detail.

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If you can't spring for airfare to Japan, maybe a trip to Spain falls more within your budget. If so, head to Madrid and take the Metro to the Gran Via stop. Near there you'll find the studio for ThreeDee-You, a photo sculpture company that also offers personalized figurine services.

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Credit: Omote3d