Skateboarding through the air and a pile of money, Matrix-style. Image via YouTube screengrab.

If all you could think of while watching The Matrix was “I really wish I could move like that!”, head to Finland. In a shopping mall there, the Finnish coffee brand Paulig Brazil created a one-of-a-kind photo booth. Instead of spitting out a row of everyday photos taken with a single camera, this setup used 36 cameras to capture a single stunt by each visitor and transform it into a 360 degree shot, just like the iconic one of Neo from the 1999 film.

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Called the “Brazil Linko,” the yellow booth was made of 186 meters of steel pipe and 161 meters of cables, in addition to all the cameras. From the video (below), it looks like the lucky shoppers who got to give it a try had a lot of fun. Hopefully Paulig Brazil (or an American company) will decide to up the ante by letting passers-by try out the driving stunts from The Matrix somewhere near you, sometime soon.