If you’re planning on a Cinco de Mayo celebration this year, you’re probably going to include tequila.

But rather than just doing shots (lame) or mixing the same old margarita (lazy), try one of these tequila-based cocktails from and agave-spirits expert Jacques Bezuidenhout. They’ll take your party from “ok” to “ole!”

Partida Margarita

A slight twist on the traditional margarita recipe, this version was popularized at Tommy’s Mexican restaurant in San Francisco, and it uses fresh lime and agave nectar, leaving out the orange liqueur.

Paloma Cocktail

In Mexico, you sit at a table with a bottle of tequila, some grapefruit soda, a few limes and salt. Then all night long, you use these to continually build your own drink, the Paloma.

Spiced Old Fashioned

A reinvention of the classic Old Fashioned, trading tequila for whiskey or bourbon, and using maple syrup instead of simple syrup or sugar. The spice? That comes from the muddled Fresno chilies.

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