3-D Printing Coming to Staples: Office-supply retailer Staples is launching a new 3-D printing service called Staples Easy 3D. The service is scheduled to launch in Belgium in the early part of 2013 and although no date has been set for a similar service in the United States, rapid prototyping is becoming more and more popular and so it's really just a matter of time.

Staples will use Iris 3-D printers manufactured by Mcor Technologies. These printers use reams of paper instead of resin to create three-dimensional shapes. The reams will be stacked and glued in a such a way that a block of it will be as hard of wood. Customers will be able to upload designs to the Staples website and then pick up the printed objects at a local store. The reason Staples is using paper rather than resin is that the paper will allow customers to create photorealistic colored objects.