Image: Brunton

The Brunton Icon is a pair of durable binoculars — so much so the company has a lifetime warranty for any reason.

Just how durable? It’s shock-, fog- and waterproof — and it’s made of magnesium alloy frames, according to Gizmodo.

The Icon comes with Brunton’s Halo warranty that “immediately replaces any Icon, for any reason, anywhere, for life.” Who among us hasn’t wanted to do somersaults down a rocky cliff while checking out a bald eagle from afar? Well, now you can! Seriously, with a warranty like that the temptation to do stupid things with these is almost too great. Fortunately for the Icons out there, the cost of admission will likely keep most yahoos away.

The binoculars will set you back $2,375 and perfect “if you’re rich and clumsy,” according to Giz.