If you’re in the market for a high-capacity barely visible USB drive, a solution is heading your way.

Maybe barely visible is hyperbolic, but this is thin — about the-height-of-a-penny thin. Oh, and did we mention it holds 2 terabytes of data?

While we know the Thin Card combines small physical size with unimaginably high capacity, Transcend and ITRA, which showed off the flash drive at a trade show in Taiwan, are mum on the price. ITRI is part of a Taiwan government-sponsored innovation lab designed to help Taiwanese companies innovate. According to a video showing off the ultra-thin flash drive (above), the only branding on the Thin Card is Transcend on the back. The cards begin at 16 gigabytes up to 2 terabytes. Before these devices make it out to market, word is the companies are waiting for an international consensus for the USB 3.0 standard before proceeding forward.