Way back in 1966, Irv Gordon bought a red P1800 Volvo. His requirements for a car were that it be reliable and dependable. As soon as he hopped into the driver’s seat, he put the pedal to the metal and drove.

“I bought my Volvo P1800 on a Friday and immediately fell in love,” Gordon told MarketWatch. “I couldn’t stop driving the car. It was a holiday weekend, and I brought the car back to the dealership the following Monday for its 1,500-mile service.”

In ten years, Gordon had logged 500,000 thanks to his 125-mile round-trip daily commute and dedication to vehicle maintenance.

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Over the years, the car has proved reliable and dependable. This month, Gordon clocked the car’s 3 millionth mile and was awarded the world record for the greatest ever recorded mileage by a single owner of a vehicle by the Guinness Book of World Records. He claimed the same award back in 2002 when the car’s odometer hit 2 million miles.

To mark the occasion, the 74-year-old Long Island native and retired science teacher drove the record-setting mile on Alaska’s Seward Highway.

Video footage of Gordon’s milestone moment can be viewed later this week at 3MillionReasons.com.

via MarketWatch

Credit: Getty Images