19 Ferns Named for Lady Gaga:

Biologists have gone goo-goo over Lady Gaga and reclassified several known species of fern under a new Gaga genus as well as identified two new Gaga species. The team of biologists at Duke University are all Little Monsters, as the artist calls her fans. The shape and light green color of her outfit during the 2010 Grammy Awards had reminded professor Kathleen Pryer of the bisexual reproductive stage of the ferns, called a gametophyte. As they were considering naming the new genus after Gaga, graduate student Fay-Wei Li found GAGA spelled out in the DNA base pairs distinguishing them genetically from other ferns.

Gaga germanotta found in Costa Rica honors Lady Gaga's family name, as she was born Stefani Germanotta. The team is calling the other new fern species, which they found in Mexico, Gaga monstraparva (literally monster-little).