Swinging around Corona Arch in Moab, Utah. Image via YouTube screenshot.

It may not be the world’s largest, but this 150′ swing in Moab Utah, gets extra points for the fact that it was built by a group of rock climbers in just two hours. Not to mention that based on this video, made by Devin Graham, it looks like just about the most fun you could ever have, and without shelling out the money to a tourism agency for the right to try it out.

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The swing was built on Corona Arch near Canyonlands National Park. The set up used five anchor points and a whole lot of carabiners, and involved a simple but effective test dummy: a bag of rocks hooked into the harness and thrown off the edge of the cliff. It swung to safety, so the gang figured it was safe to try out the 130′ free fall for themselves.

According the “making of” video, this was the first time the friends had tried something like this, but as experienced climbers, they knew how to safely build the swing, which was closer to a hybrid swing-bungee jump. And if you’re wondering about the couple kissing halfway through, they just got engaged: After she safely made the jump, he rappelled down with a ring and popped the question.