Attack of La Niña Trailer HD from MSP Films on Vimeo.

Summer is (finally) in full swing in even the northernmost regions of the country, but winter still lingers in the minds of many – as this year’s La Niña conditions led to the deepest snow-pack in recent history across North American slopes.

While some of us might want to forget about a bitterly cold, wet winter, MSP Films has chosen to celebrate it. With its new film “Attack of La Niña: The Bitch is Back,” the Colorado-based production company offers footage of skiers chasing powder through some serious spectacularly scenery in Alaska, Colorado, California, Washington, British Columbia and beyond.

In a press release, executive producer Murray Wais explained the motivation behind the film:

“Last winter continued to amaze us as the season went on — weather patterns relentlessly pounded the western US and Canada. Deep snow and epic conditions made it nearly impossible to stray too far from home, creating opportunities to go deeper into zones that we’ve explored in the past. We were able to check out some spots that we’d never even thought of as possibilities before, and the payoff was greater than we ever could have expected!”

The film will begin its tour around the country in September.

In the meantime, watching the trailer alone might cool you down as much as a visit to the pool during these blazing July days. At the very least, it’s sure to give you a few chills.