If there’s one video you must see today, it’s this.

As shuttle Endeavour rapidly descended toward Florida in the early hours of Wednesday morning (EST), its flightpath passed over the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico.

BIG PIC: Spectacular Shuttle Launch… From 30,000 Feet

From Yucatán’s capital city, Mérida, videographer Noe Castillo was on the lookout for Endeavour’s reentry only minutes before it touched down at Kennedy Space Center, Fla., nearly 800 miles away. Fortunately, he had clear skies and steadily tracked Endeavour’s final reentry.

The beautiful orange glow is the ionization trail the shuttle is generating as the spacecraft punched through the upper atmosphere. As the shuttle was traveling over the Yucatán Peninsula, it was at an altitude of around 40 miles.

For more of Noe Castillo’s work, browse his Facebook page and be sure to visit his YouTube account.

Special thanks to Ruth McAvinia for bringing my attention to this stunning video.