Just because you’re not one of those iSomething owners doesn’t mean you need to miss out on all the fun. Make sure the packing list for your next adventure includes loading up on some free outdoors apps for your Android phone. Check out some of these great applications and add a little something extra to your outdoors experience.

1. Compass

An old-school compass display for Android with added features to help you navigate through your world. Know which direction you’re heading, and add your own places and geo-tagged notes to any location with Compass.


2. My Tracks

Record your GPS tracks and share them with others with this powerful free Android app. Use My Tracks while biking, running, hiking, or just about anything else outdoors – it uses the GPS sensor to record the path you took and also gather useful stats, such as elevation, time, speed, and distance.

3. RunKeeper

Track your fitness activities on your Android with the RunKeeper app, including the distance, time, pace, path traveled, calories burned, and heart rate, and set your own customized interval workouts.


4. iMapMyRIDE

This free Android app tracks your cycling route, including the distance, pace, calories, and more in real-time using your phone’s GPS.


5. Endomondo Sports Tracker

Endomondo is another great Android app to track your sports activities in real time, share them with your community, and challenge your friends by competing against their personal best.


6. Knots Guide

How do you secure this to that with some cordage? Consult the Knots Guide app, of course. It’s a quick reference for 92 knots across 10 different categories, and will be sure to come in handy when you’re trying to tie that new canoe to the roof of your Cooper Mini.

Knots Guide

7. U.S. Army Survival Guide

Take the entire U.S. Army survival guide with you, on your Android phone’s SD card. Make shelter, find food, and learn basic survival first aid (based on U.S. Army Survival Manual FM 3-05.70) with this free app.

U.S. Army Survival Guide

8. Mountaineering

This field manual details techniques needed to travel through mountainous terrain, including rock and ice climbing, river crossings, glaciers, snow-covered mountains, and vertical urban environments (based on U.S. Military Field Manual FM 3-97.61).


9. c:geo

Put some purpose into your rambles with geocaching and your Android phone. c:geo is the unofficial client for Geocaching.com, and lets you search the database for caches, save them, or search for them in real life.


10.Google Sky Map

Where’s Venus? What’s that constellation called? What will the sky look like later? Find out all of that and more with your window into the night sky, Google Sky Map app for Android.

Google Sky Map

11. Tricorder

Get your sci-fi groove on with this cool free Android app, which turns your phone into a multi-sensor environmental monitor.


12. Moon Phases

Be in the know about the current phase of the moon, including when it will next be full (or dark!), so you can plan your night hikes with precision. Get the Moon Phases app for Android for free.

Moon Phases

13. Packing List

Most of us have a mental packing list for each kind of trip or adventure we take, but wouldn’t it be handy if you had them all right at hand on one app? Packing List lets you create a list on your Android phone from scratch, but it also allows you to generate lists from an existing one, so you can make variations to choose from. Each item has a field for a note, a quantity and the weight, and if you’re a hard copy kind of guy, you can even print them out.

Packing List

14. Flashlight

You didn’t forget the flashlight again, did you? Make sure your phone can double as light with this handy free Android app.

What are your favorite free Android apps for the great outdoors?

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