10th Annual International Talk Like a Pirate Day: It be International Talk Like a Pirate Day ya scurvy dogs! Ye best be watchin' yer tongue ta make sure tings be spoken proper er else yer future will not be certain. Arr!

Today, we can talk like a pirate without bein' run through by our

crewmembers, but whar frum did these unholy traditions find us?

Avast! Bands o' pirates have been swarmin' over the sides of our cultural identity for hundreds o' years. Sum pirates are feared, an udders are revered, some are tot dirty scallywags and some arr loved, but all be pirates!

Pirates still set sail upon our waters today — and sometimes they invade and pillage the land-lubbers! Even now, dangerous pirates scour th' seven seas, corporate pirates broadside other suit-wearin' swabbies an' there are even black beards makin' off with musical and software booty!

Back in 2002, Cap'n Dave Barry blabbed ter in the newspapers about the International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and it changed the seven seas forever!

PHOTOS: Arsenal of Dread Black Beard the Pirate

If yer in the spirit today, be sure you scrawl it on the wall of yer Facebook or tell the tweet-birds ya whelps!

If yer truly a pirate then you can change your Facebook to speak like a ravin' mad pirate! Or if yer far from the warm waters o' ther Caribbean — in Sweden, Piracy is a reconized religion!

However, yer choosin' to celebrate today, Davy Jones take dem who don't talk like a bloody pirate today! ARR!