Image: CNews

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Titanic’s sinking, a team of 15 LEGO builders gave a sneak peak of their cruise liner replica made of toy bricks.

The ship, which took 200 hours and used thousands of bricks, was built by a team called the Brickomaniacs. The Titanic scale model measures about 2.7 meters. The LEGO were accumulated over the years, and the team members each contributed $20 to buy more bricks, CNews reported.

“This is by far the biggest project we have done,” said Jonathan Bussiere, 32, who headed up the group of children aged 10-14, and drew up the plans for the project before the group launched into it. “We improvised. The only thing we could not recreate is the lettering ‘TITANIC’ on the side because the blocks are too big [for the scale].”

The scale model will make its official debut in May.