Photo: Craig Tuttle/Corbis

There’s a place for minimalist camping, the kind where you break off your toothbrush handle to save weight and use an emergency reflective blanket as your sleeping bag. But now that summer’s over and life is moving along at mach speed again, it’s time to say goodbye to month-long epics into the wild. These are the days of shorter trips and cushier campsites, where maximizing fun trumps fast-and-light focus. With that in mind, we present 10 new things that will delight maximalist campers, and make more glamping more fun.

Photo: Snow Peak

1. Café Latte Set ($95)

You might be able to forego caffeine when its just you and your pack, but car camping enables a fresh cuppa, so why suffer through anything but an excellent brew? Snow Peak’s titanium café press and milk foamer heighten the Rocky Mountain highs, especially if you add a few extra teaspoons of Peet’s Sumatra. The set comes in a sleek carrying case cinched with a fastex buckle.

Photo: Jetboil

2. Jetboil Sumo ($130)

Never slave over a camp stove again: Now you can go gourmet in sleek style. This high-powered, efficient, 1.8 liter cooking vessel, which weighs only 16 ounces, makes it possible to go from intense hunger to sumptuous repast in five minutes flat—32 ounces of water boils in four minutes, perfect for a pre-meal hot toddie. Then change to the fry pan attachment ($50) and, voila, there’s fresh walleye for dinner. The new cold-weather regulator allows the Sumo to work in temps to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

Photo: Cocoon

3. Cocoon Safari Bag With Insect Shield ($85)

Forego night freeze and indulge in a few extra ounces (and Zzzs) with this 100-percent silk sheet that’s buttery soft, but also treated to repel mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, fleas, chiggers, and midges. You’ll never lose sleep over Lyme Disease again.

Photo: Capture

4. Capture Camera Clip System ($80)

Here’s a luxury you wish you could afford on your fast-and-light adventures. Keep your hands free and your camera securely on your backpack strap (or your waistbelt) with the innovative Capture. With a quick-release locking system that has weatherproof aluminum construction, the Capture can secure any camera and includes an Arca tripod-compatible plate. It fits straps up to three inches wide.

Photo: Snow Peak

5. Hozuki Lantern ($90)

Modeled after the romance of a Chinese paper lantern, the 100-lumen Hozuki adds a warm glow to the tent, without burning it down. With a “candle” mode, the AA battery-operated Hozuki will respond to the sound of the wind with a flicker of light and has three brightness settings.

Photo: Westcomb

6. Westcomb Kokanee Hoody ($395)

Down connoisseurs rejoice and be cozy while wearing this sleek expedition-grade, 850-fill Hutterite down puffy. For non-down connoisseurs, the Hutterites are like the Canadian Amish, who take their geese-raising seriously, making the purest, highest-grade down available on the market. The jacket’s exterior is wind and water-resistant Pertex, which makes this jacket, well, perfect.

Photo: Kelty

7. Kelty Low-Love Seat ($90)

Sink into this low-riding folding chair for two and you’ll never leave the campfire. The adjustable arms have beverage holders big enough for a beer (or just a one-liter bottle of water). When the fun is over, the chair folds up into its own carrying sack.

Photo: Lulus

8. Lulu’s Lovepack (six bars, $19)

Forget about the marshamallows and graham-crackers for s’mores. Instead dive into these decadent raw, organic, small-batch chocolate bars, most of which are 70 to 75 percent cacao. The Lovepack contains Coffee Crunch, Raw Love, Maca Love, Chocolate Maca Chunk, Aztec Crunch, and Smoked Sea Salt bars.

Photo: Thermarest

9. Thermarest Down Pillow (Small to large; $30 to $50)

This ultralight 650-fill goose down pillow with a brushed-polyester exterior makes for sweet dreams. And it squishes down to the size of a grapefruit in the pack.

Photo: Outdoor Hands

10. Outdoor Hands Skin Therapy Cream (3.4 oz for $10)

Made from essential oils that penetrate deeply into the skin without leaving behind a slimy residue, Outdoor Hands turns weather-beaten camping into a spa experience. Getting outdoors and getting pampered? We’ll make an appointment for that.